Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Passing Through Los Angeles

Not so much hungry as craving some real American food, I ate dinner at Denny's, a restaurant where you can eat breakfast 24 hours a day. I had been fantasizing about a Moon Over My Hammy sandwich - a breakfast sandwich with sliced ham, scrambled eggs, and cheese - and it was delicious with the side of hashbrown potatoes.
. This is a famous sign for a strip club just down the street from my hotel, and across the street from Denny's. It has been shown in lots of movies and television shows about LA.

Sadly, no pictures can be taken inside. I didn't go in; I was too tired from my long flight and lack of sleep.


Booyah! said...

the sandwich sounds yummy~
i'm gonna try to make something like that one of these days :D

keep the pics coming!

are you in ohio now?

Thunderthud said...

Yes, I arrived in Ohio late last night. Will take lots of pix, especially if the snow accumulates.

Booyah! said...

good luck with your jet lag